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Why ERPXstreem


We ErpXstreem provides you reside interactive on-line coaching Through a mix of recent and gift web technologies, we’ve got an inclination to convey the foremost effective quality of coaching job to the learner.

Our coaching job happens among live surroundings, where the teacher and student move (via voice, screen sharing and share notes) pattern web conferencing tools like Cisco WebEx & Gotomeeting those facilitates interactive learning sessions through every desktop sharing & audio sharing.

To participate in our on-line program learners ought to be compelled to own wise web affiliation and phone. As a result of voice is integrated in our web conferencing code, you will be able to listen and hash out with the teacher through your portable computer integrated speakers/headsets. Webcams do not appear to be required. In our virtual room, students can raise their queries and have
discussions with different participants equally. The learner feels as if he/she is in associate degree extremely real room. All the desired information to participate in our sessions like your varied ID, links to the tools and different resources etc. are target-hunting by our team.

About Trainers:

We have league of mean, experienced and approved trainer’s world organization agency are in operation with the very best most MNC’s. All ErpXstreem Institute trainers, for every on-line and onsite courses, unit alright practiced all instructors have a minimum of 10+ years complete in operation experience and unit elect through a particular technique incorporating multiple interviews and live teaching demonstrations

Vision & Mission


To become the foremost necessary organization for job destined trainings in varied verticals with continuous improvement and manufacture high level of execs to satisfy world demand.

We believes in “Translating info into skills, within the inside of practice” and “Evolving vision with skills place to examine in advanced and exacting situations” it’s for this reason, we tend to tend to adopts associate empirical approach to on-line coaching job.

We offer incisive associate degreed perceptive coaching job in an extremely vary of platforms and in-demand technologies. The programs primarily target conveyance the data and skills necessary to remain pace with the latest advancements in code technology.

Our success, significantly inside the planet of intense competition, is as results of our continuous toil, dedication, and keenness. We tend to tend to unit obsessed to what we tend to tend to try and do which we tend to unit driven to surpass in every aspect of our trainings.


A Vision of Excellence:

ErpXstreem was successfully running from a few years .During this tenure we have given the mix of collective skills & experience, commitment to deliver wise quality of trainings and a sturdy culture of Ethics. We have got ably tailored to the fast-changing real time setting and student expectations.
Our on-line trainings culture ensures that every student have the prospect to search out, develop new skills or develop new competencies relevant for his or her individual growth. ErpXstreem respects the scholar expectations of extremely competitive and industrious world organization agency worth commitment and quality from our trainings.

ErpXstreem strives to satisfy their expectations and is proud to be spoken language concerning our on-line trainings area unit called well quality trainings.

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